The short answer- Bring your closet!

Seriously, no joke. For senior pictures, we cannot stress enough just how much we love to have variety and options. Our opinion is that if you bring along a variety of pieces and options, we will be better equipped to help you build several well-chosen outfits that you’ll be happy with.

So now you’re sitting there thinking “how do I select the right pieces to bring along?” Have no fear, our helpful list is here! Below are 10 helpful tips to help you out:

Senior Pictures – Tip #1 Aim for 10 Outfits– Okay, okay… so technically that’s not your WHOLE closet. But aiming for 10 outfits is our goal. Depending on time, we may not use them all, but why limit ourselves?… did we mention we like variety and options?!

Senior Pictures – Tip #2

pop over to this site Does it spark joy? You know what we’re talking about. In your wardrobe collection, there are certain pieces that when you wear (or even think about wearing) you feel a little spark of joy, because these pieces make you feel ahhhhmazing. We want your outfits to bring out that confidence, because if you don’t feel confident, it will come through in your photos. So really love each piece you bring along.

Senior Pictures – Tip #3

Classic– Lately it seems that a lot of people are jumping on the minimalist french-inspired wardrobe bandwagon. And with good reason. It’s a great place to start. Think of these as building blocks to your perfect senior photo wardrobe. Classic pieces might include: a little black dress, a basic white tee, black jeans, a striped tee, a jean jacket and so forth. On a side note: Don’t forget to iron your clothes beforehand. Wrinkles can really un-class an item.

Senior Pictures – Tip #4

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize– Accessories are what will take those basic pieces and make them more interesting. This is true even for you fellas. Things like jackets & vests, hats, statement jewelry, scarves, bowties, and the like are always winners. But don’t forget other items unique to you, like- dance shoes, musical instruments, books, and so on. Any hobbies or talents you may have make for great accessories.

Senior Pictures – Tip #5

Color & Texture– While classic pieces are important, adding a few splashes of color and some texture is equally important. Like accessories, color & texture will make those basic pieces so much more interesting. Texture can come in many forms- ruffles, tulle, sequin, lace, silk and so on. Don’t be afraid of these textures, try to incorporate at least a one or two into your selections.

Senior Pictures – Tip #6

Things to avoid– Try to avoid super short, sheer and/or tight fitting items of clothing. Keep in mind you will be moving through a variety of poses, so you will want to bring items you feel comfortable sitting, bending, laying, squatting and so forth in. Poor fighting clothes can be very unflattering, making you appear larger than you are.

Senior Pictures – Tip #7

Don’t be shy– You only get to have senior photos once in your life (well, hopefully!). Don’t be afraid to have fun with this! Try to bring along a few out of the box things that you might only see a model in a magazine wear. Trust us, things like this make for amazing photographs. For example, picture a long elegant evening gown with a wooded back drop during golden hour. Wowza! Of course, still bring along your normal everyday clothes, but don’t forget the fun stuff too.

Senior Pictures – Tip #8

Don’t neglect your shoes!– They are often an after-thought, somehow forgotten during the planning process and the last thing packed on your way out the door. But your shoes are just as important to your outfit as every other piece of clothing you bring. So give careful thought to them, and make sure they are in good shape and clean.

Senior Pictures – Tip #9

Variety– Are you sensing a theme yet?! We love to mix and match clothes with a variety of back drops and locations. So bring along both causal and formal clothes, accessories & shoes and anything in between while you’re at it! You’ll be happy that you did. And don’t forget… love the pieces you bring, choose things that make you feel amazing and confident. Have fun. And yeah, bring your prom dress.

Senior Pictures – Tip #10

Time to go shopping– after considering the above 9 tips, you may realize you have some shopping to do. And that’s ok. As we said, you only get to do this once! So take some time to plan this out, really give careful thought to what you choose. And don’t be afraid to invest a little money into your senior photography wardrobe.

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